Why is there a stick on a string in the water trough you ask? It’s a critter escape ramp! In this hot, dry weather we have all kinds of wildlife looking for water, and they are fond of our nice, clean horse troughs. Birds, squirrels, and mother rodents especially. But without a way to escape, they can drown in those same troughs. A simple piece of lumber (NOT pressure treated) with a hole drilled in it for a string to tie on the panel (or a fence post), and our wild friends have something to climb out on. For like $2 worth of supplies, saving lives is easy!

Ett sätt att slippa drunknade fåglar i vattenbaljan?

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  1. Anna

    Och alla äckliga döda insekter som annars flyter omkring efter en dag… Jättebra idé tycker jag.


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